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For patients whose permanent teeth are starting to wear out and no amount of repair can ever restore their appearance, dentists recommend getting dental implants. But have you heard of All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution? If not, this article will give you all the details you need to know about this kind of dental implant which serves as a multiple teeth replacement option.


All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution: What is it?

We have heard that dental implants are the gold standard when teeth replacement is your primary concern. Dentures, crowns, and bridges cannot compete with the permanence and stability a dental implant can provide you. Now, the All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution are a specialised type of implant that, as the name implies, replace all upper or lower teeth while being supported by 4 strategically-placed dental implants. Dentists highly regard their efficiency with getting back your natural teeth all at once.



All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution: How does it work?

The All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution  are recommended to be used by patients with edentulous teeth, as they effectively act as your fixed and permanent replacement for dentures. All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution have four titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the lower or upper jaw.  These posts or implants would act as the sturdy foundation for the set of false teeth that look uncannily resembling your natural teeth.


All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution: How is it performed?

Once a treatment plan has been set, and your dentist determines that getting the All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution is the most suitable solution to your dental problem, he may get images including x-rays, pictures, and scans of your dental cavity. During the procedure, local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia may be given, and teeth extractions may be done for the remaining weak teeth that could stand in the way of your implants. The four implants will then be attached to your jawbone one by one, each strategically placed to fully support and stabilise the false teeth. Dentists typically put two titanium posts in the front part of your gums and two at each side at the back part of your mouth. This strategy provides a stable anchorage for the permanent denture. The false teeth are then connected to the four posts so you can fully enjoy the results of your surgery as soon as possible. Within a few months’ time, you can finally enjoy a restored sense of having complete teeth using the All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution.


All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution: Things to consider

It may take some time to get used to. Most patients who undergo All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution procedure have been edentulous for a significant amount of time. Therefore, regaining the feeling of having a complete set of teeth all at once may be awkwardly weird at first. Issues with speech, dental care, and comfort may arise, but all these will subside as the patient gets familiar with the feeling.

It is costly. Because you are replacing almost all your teeth in one procedure, and you are getting it through surgery, you can expect to get a high cost to accompany it. In fact, an All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution cost may range from $20000 to $35000, depending on the materials used and the expertise of your dentist. Of course, you can expect porcelain implants to cost more than acrylic or composite resin type, and an expert specialist dentist with years of experience in implantology will charge a higher surgeon and dentist’s fee than a newbie.

The complications. There are common complications associated with the All on 4/6 Full Arch Implant Solution procedure. They include persistent bleeding, prolonged swelling, intense pain, and sometimes implant failure. Although your dentist would prescribe potent pain medication and antibiotics to counter infection, it is still best to let him monitor your recovery and progress by adhering to your scheduled appointments and his postoperative instructions.

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