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Many Australians head abroad every year to have cheap dental treatment done while on holiday. Bangkok, Thailand is a popular site for this so-called ‘dental tourism’ activity. If you’re interested in dental implants, then you might also be thinking about visiting a foreign country for treatment.

If you need emergency medical or dental treatment while abroad, then it’s good to know which cities have clean hospitals with high standards of care. But it’s not a good idea to plan to get treatment abroad for something as major as dental implants.


Dental Implants Are Serious Business


Dental implants represent a major commitment and investment in your dental and overall health. It takes many months to complete dental implant treatment, which is a surgical procedure with risks. Getting an implant isn’t something to take lightly; the results of the procedure will stay with you for years so you want to get your implants done in the right place.


Risks of Seeking Dental Implant Treatment Abroad


Does it really matter, after all, where you get your dental implants done as long as you find a good dentist who will do them for cheap?

It matters more than you may realise. Here are just a few of the most important reasons seeking dental implants abroad might be a bad idea.



1. There could be a miscommunication about your treatment expectations. Many doctors and dentists in other countries are well-educated and speak excellent English due to studying abroad.

But implant dentists from Bangkok may have a communication style and cultural background that differ from yours to the point that they don’t understand what it is you hope to achieve with your dental implant. You could end up with a restoration that’s an odd size, shape or colour or that is positioned at an uncomfortable angle.


2. You could catch a serious infection. Even the cleanest foreign hospitals are still located in areas with foreign pathogens. You could catch a serious infection by seeking a surgical procedure like dental implants abroad in a country such as Thailand.

3. You will have limited legal recourse if something goes wrong.

If you did catch a disease or receive sub-standard care for your dental implant in Bangkok, then the dentist might not be legally obligated to help you. You could be left footing the bill for unsatisfactory treatment plus the expense of paying to fix the damage whether there in Bangkok or back home in Australia.

dental implant bangkok sydney

4. You might end up spending far more money than you expected. Let’s suppose that everything goes perfectly as planned and you end up with that perfect dental implant. When all is said and done, you’ll have spent far more than the advertised price.

Dentists in Bangkok can advertise and offer cheap dental implants, but you’ll need to  pay for other expenses beyond the implant process. You may need to pay for services like x-rays, medication, anesthaesia, tooth extraction, sutures and even a hospital stay. In addition to this, you’ll have to factor in the cost for your flight and lodging and other travel expenses.

It’s clear that you risk alot by traveling abroad to get dental implants. You’ll likely save more time and money by staying local for your treatment.

If you need dental implants, Bangkok, Thailand may not be the best place to go.


Something Better Than The Best Dental Implants Bangkok Can Offer


For the best quality dental implants, get them done right the first time by staying local. A Sydney dental implant centre like Digital Dental Surgery Sydney offers safe and hygienic dental implants compared with other places like Bangkok.


To learn more about the benefits of seeking local dental implant treatment, call our team today on (02) 9158 6326.

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