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Considering dental implants can be an intimidating experience, but if done correctly, it will be well worth your time, money, and lifestyle. The implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone. Dental implants look and function like real teeth and can last your whole life, which is why it is essential for you to practice proper maintenance.

Like any other medical procedure, you may experience some dental implant pain once the implant is placed and the anaesthetic wears off. Any discomfort should subside once the site begins to heal. 

How to Manage Dental Implant Pain

  1. Your dentist will prescribe painkillers to help you manage the post-surgery pain.
  2. To reduce swelling, you can apply an ice pack to the area.
  3. Mix warm water with a little salt to rinse and clean your mouth.
  4. Minor bleeding is common, but it’s also best to avoid hot and hard foods to prevent further irritation.
  5. Treat yourself to cold and soft foods since your mouth will be very tender.
  6. Gently brush around the site of the implant for the first few days.  
  7. Get plenty of rest.

Other Serious Signs

If the feelings of discomfort get worse and your dental implants cause more long-lasting pain, contact your dentist so they can assess the situation and treat you.

managing discomfort dental implant pain sydney

Cause of severe dental implant pain include: 

  • Infection in your gum or jawbone from poor oral hygiene, injury, or not following your dentist’s post-operative instructions. 
  • Loose or damaged dental implants from too much pressure on the implant.
  • Your body rejecting the dental implant.
  • Low bone density of your jaw that prevents proper fusion with the dental implant.
  • The implant being too close to your sinus cavity.

These factors can often be unforeseen, but some can still be preventable. For instance, choosing a dentist experienced in dental implant surgery is the most crucial first step in guaranteeing your health and safety.

What to Do if the Pain Worsens

Even if there are no visible or painful symptoms of dental implant plan after the surgery, be wary of signs and make sure you continually follow your dentist’s post-operative instructions because your dental implants can take three to six months to heal fully.

For instance, if you detect signs of swelling near the implant site and experience a fever and chills, that may indicate that your body if rejecting the dental implant. If this is the case, the implant has to be removed. Or if you experience an allergic reaction to the metal, causing swelling or loss of taste, you will also have to remove the implant and use a different metal.

Although dental implants may seem like the best long-term option, there are other low-risk adequate alternatives if your dental implants cause complications.

If you have low bone-density, you may want to consider choosing dental bridges or partial dentures instead for lower-risk procedures. Dental bridges do not require any surgical procedures; they are fake teeth with extra support from crowns.

Some other preventative care you can practice is to continue to follow up with your dentist with regular check-ups, increase your calcium intake for bone growth, get a mouth guard if you grind your teeth, avoid bad eating habits, stop smoking, and brush and floss daily.

Who to Contact?

At Digital Dental Surgery Sydney, your chances of dental implant pain are very low because of the qualified and skillful dentists, unique care, and modern technology.

To learn more about how to prevent or properly manage dental implant pain, call (02) 9158 6326 to speak with a medical professional. Or, if you or someone you know needs to schedule a dental implant consultation, you can book online.

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