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While your Internet research may indicate that the full mouth dental implants cost in Thailand is lower than the cost of dental implants in Australia, your risk factors are much higher. Jetting off to Thailand in search of cheaper dental implants means you will be compromising somewhere. Let’s take a closer look at the costs associated with dental implants – and whether it makes sense to have them done in Thailand or Australia.


How Much Does Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost In Australia?

Patients are quick to criticise the fees charged by the local dentistry industry. But when your implant procedure is carried out locally, you can expect world-class infection control and high quality materials to be used.

The findings of’s National dental fee survey from 2017 indicate that the placement of a single dental implant can cost in the range of $3000 to $6000 per tooth. 

Replacing up to 14 teeth with single dental implants can work out to be rather expensive. A more cost effective way to approach the replacement of an entire arch is to make use of the all-on-4 dental implant system.  Using only four dental implants, placed at an angle it is possible to replace all the teeth in an arch, with the assistance of a bridge.


What Is The Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Replacing an entire arch in Australia with the all-on-4 dental implant system costs an average of $23 000 to $27 000 according to A full mouth dental implant treatment using the all-on-4 system would cost $46 000 to $54 000.

This figure is an average that has been calculated based on other patients’ experiences. In order to get an accurate estimate of what your implant procedure would cost, you need a thorough consultation with your dentist.

how much does full mouth dental implants cost in australia full mouth dental implants cost thailand sydney

The benefits of the all-on-4 system are not reserved only for cost factors. All-on-4 procedures are much quicker to complete than lots of single placements, and patients can have the treatment done in one day.

The procedure is much less invasive than single placements, and gives the patients a strong bite that they can be confident in. There is much less trauma, and a shorter healing period for you with this approach.

Replacing all your teeth with single implants may require a bone graft and will take several months to be completed fully. This makes the procedure impractical for full mouth dental implants Thailand.


How Much Does Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost In Thailand?

According to figures published by Dental Guide Australia, the fees for full mouth implants in Thailand may be up to 60% less than they are in Australia. So where are you going to compromise in order to pay the lower fee?

The average dental implant procedure takes a number of months to complete, in some cases up to 18 months. Of course you wouldn’t be able to stay in Thailand for that period of time, so the chances are that you would return home before healing and osseo-integration has taken place.

During this period your chances of developing an infection are present, particularly if you have had your procedure done in an environment where infection control is unregulated and dental practitioners are not subject to continuous professional development or stringent policies. 


The Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants In Australia Vs Thailand

Rather than booking flights and a swimsuit, your next action should be to contact your Australian dental practitioner to find out about costs and whether payment plans are available.


If you are seriously considering full mouth dental implants cost Thailand please call our practice now to speak to a professional: (02) 9158 6326.

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