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The high cost of dental procedures may be the top reason why Australians are very interested in Thailand dental implants, or in any country that advertises dental tourism. Knowing that you can get your dental procedure in a fraction of the price set in Australia, one can really get enticed to get a ticket and go abroad.


Thailand dental implants: The professionals

Dentists in Asia, the continent nearest to Australia that has been successfully endorsing dental tourism, claim that they are world-class dental professionals. They claim that they studied and trained internationally to be on the same level of dentists from western nations. They are licensed and board-certified in their homeland and are both knowledgeable and skilful enough to perform complex dental procedures the same way dentists in first-world countries can.


Thailand dental implants: The procedures


A survey in Australia showed that 3 out of 10 people avoided visiting a dentist due to the high cost. It also showed that 1 in 5 Australians is incapable of shouldering the money for a dental treatment. Dental services in Australia are not subsidised as much as medical healthcare is, and about 50% of the Australian population do not have any form of dental insurance. This information somehow creates the best scenario for dental tourism to look more alluring.

Expensive procedures and treatments? Dental tourism answers all these and more. You get your dental solution the best Thailand dental implants from professionals, pay for them at half the price, and you get to enjoy your dental holiday in one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. Here is a look at how Thailand dental implants and other treatments and procedure costs really are different from what we have at home.

Dental Procedure

Cost in Thailand 

Cost in Australia

Dental implants

$2600 – $3000$5000 – $6000
Dental veneers (per tooth)$300 – $350

$700 – $800

Dental crowns

$4000 – $5000

$10000 – $11000


Thailand dental implants: The considerations

Choosing what’s best for you can never be dictated. With dental tourism, embracing it is a personal choice, and no amount of study or statistics can ever be enough to persuade you unless you change your mind and decide accordingly. Whether you choose to have your Thailand dental implants or not, here are some points you need to consider:

Your dental needs. Are you sure about the dental treatment you want to get abroad? Have you had enough time to inquire about it from your nearby dental clinics? Are you sure that flying to Thailand or the Philippines is the best solution for your dental problem? Do not pressure yourself with time. If you have doubts, it may be a sign that you need to think twice about your dental holiday. Remember: regrets do not come before your mistakes.

Answer important questions. When inquiring about the dental procedure, were your questions satisfied with expert answers? Most experienced dentists and specialists are really good at explaining about treatments and different dental options. It is because of the years of experience that made them masters in their field. If your dentist was not able to convince you or explain what the dental procedure is for and what it can do for your problem, then you may want to think twice. Having doubts won’t give you peace of mind and the comfort that you will receive the best dental care you deserve.

The post-surgery. What happens if things don’t work out? Complications can occur anytime, anywhere. Whether your dental procedure is performed here or abroad, some things just won’t go as planned no matter how experienced your dentist may be. The only difference is the availability and the convenience that you get when you need corrective procedures. Is going back to your dentist to report a complication or a post-op problem going to be difficult?

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